Our mission

Syndexis is a boutique management consultancy and advisory firm which
creates value for companies in their expansion on international markets.

  • Whenever necessary we help you identify the right partners in your adequate target markets and help you structure deals with them.
  • Through our value enhancement support, we design go-to-market solutions to expand your international presence and increase the sales of your products and services.
  • Once your business is established in market, we accompany you through a set of support services ranging from training and development to operational management.

Our services

Our team of international consultants are available to support
your business growth through a wide range of services

Deal making:

- Target screening
- Valuations
- Negotiation & due diligence
- Financing strategy
- Closing & integration

Value enhancement:

- Business development
- Market entry strategies
- Business planning
- Commercial support (marketing,
sales & distribution)

Support services:

- Recruitment
- Training & personal development
- Import & export
- Procurement

Our sectors of activity

We support both large multinational companies and small local or regional players,
international non-profit organisations or small associations.
Our professionalism got us an international reputation.

Our presence

While we define the regions below as our current strategic areas of expertise,
we are also able to offer support in other regions, and notably in the Americas
and Oceania through our vast network of partners

Our management team


Etienne is a strategy and business development specialist. Divergent thinking and creative business approaches are his trademarks, which give him an unparalleled ability to positively impact corporate strategy and development.

In 2014 Etienne took full control of Syndexis, a then market research company and transformed it into a boutique advisory firm. He is now the Managing partner

Forte: : deal making, strategy, business development, entrepreneurship

Geographies: Africa, Asia, Middle East

Languages: : English, French, Portuguese, German


Max is a multifaceted executive with a strong background in both the commercial and institutional sectors. His structured and focused approach make him a strong support to local and global entities to grow in a sustainable manner.

Max joined Syndexis in 2021 as a Senior partner and he drives the new projects development.

Forte: strategy, commercial support, business development, entrepreneurship, NPO management. capacity enhancement

Geographies: Europe, Africa

Languages: English, German, French. Italian


Amr is an innovation mixologist, passionate about ideas and businesses with potential to positively impact the world. He has over 20 years experience in the FMCG (beverages, personal care and home care) and is a key figure in marketing and innovation.

Amr joined Syndexis in 2017 as a Partner and he drives marketing and innovation practice.

Forte: Marketing management, innovation, new product development, strategy development.

Geographies: Europe, Middle East, India.

Languages: English, Arabic, French


Gabriel is a Route to market and sales expert with a strong international background. His can-do attitude and hands-on approach offers clients a great support in all commercial matters. He efficient and dynamic rhythm are appreciated by clients.

Gabriel joined Syndexis as Senior Consultant in 2020 and he is the focal point for European business projects.

Forte: sales, route to market development, trade marketing, export.

Geographies: Europe, Africa, Middle East

Languages: English, Italian, Swedish


Mona is our travel and tours expert with a global background. Hands-on, fast-paced and efficient, she has a strong overview of the global airline, hospitality and travel industries. She offers an in-depth knowledge of customer service, which involves in those industries, a great deal of problem solving and non-aggressive conflict resolution.

Mona joined Syndexis in 2019 as Senior Consultant and is our lead for broader tourism, travel and transportation industry and our focal point for Asia business.

Forte: travel management, marketing, customer service, fleet management.

Geographies: Asia, Middle East

Languages: English, Bahasa


Houssam is our Commercial support champion. He brings a wealth of expertise in sales distribution and route to market, in corporate resources optimisation to deliver financial and business growth as well as in architecting development strategies with a focus on high margin niche segments in clients’ portfolio.

Houssam re-joined Syndexis in 2020 as Senior consultant and is the lead for the Middle-East.

Forte: business development, route to market optimisation, export.

Geographies: Middle East, Africa

Languages: English, Arabic

Jean David

Jean-David Kouassigan is a recognized expert in international business development and non-profit organization management. He brings a strong ability to understand and analyse complex situations and to propose and implement economically viable solutions adapted to multicultural contexts. Jean David joined Syndexis in 2020 as Partner and is the lead for our work with international development organisations, as well as for training and people development.

Forte: intercultural development, training & facilitation, NPO management

Geographies: Africa, Europe

Languages: English, French, Spanish


Senior Partner joining soon