Your partners for Africa

Syndexis Africa will help your company grow in the continent

with a dedicated service,

commitment to your objectives,

a real passion for the region

Syndexis international platform is registered
in Switzerland

PO Box 7517

1002 Lausanne - Switzerland

Syndexis presence in Asia is managed
from China
Registration process underways in Guangzhou,

Guangdong province

Contact details

+4178 626 2500


PO Box 7517

1002 Lausanne - Switzerland


PO Box 392 884

Dubai - UAE



Syndexis is a founding member of africadvise, a network of management consultancies that focus on Africa


Partnerships, joint-ventures, acquisitions as ways to enhance our clients in-market capability while respecting their ambitions!

Strategy consulting

From board level interventions to operational strategy, always with our clients' best interest in mind, whatever their business is...

Commercial support

Market research, route-to-market analysis, business development and new opportunities adapted to our client's business model